In this tutorial we will create an environment monitoring system. Whenever a person enters the room the system will send us an email.


Alarm system with Phidgets


To achieve it we will use:

1073_0 - PhidgetSBC3

1111_0 - Motion Sensor

The PhidgetSBC3 is a Single board computer running Debian 7.0 with 128 MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 1 GiB Flash, integrated 1018 and 6 USB 2.0 High Speed 480Mbits/s ports.

The 1111_0 detects changes in infrared radiation that occur when there is movement by a person (or object), which is different in temperature from the surroundings. As this sensor detects temperature differences, it is well suited to detecting the motion of people by their body temperature.

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